Büse Battery charger 600



The BLG 600 is an intelligent battery charger and diagnostic device. Ideal for 12V motorcycles, quad and roller batteries. An all-connoisseur for conventional 12V batteries (lead / acid / gel batteries). Automatic battery testing and the correct charging mode is selected, very well suited for long-term care and “wintering”, the ultra-modern electronics are maintenance-free and protected by a robust housing, perfect solution for all users who need a solid and reliable charger. Features Microprocessor controlled charge management Up to max. 600mA charging current, also suitable for “wintering” Ideal for batteries between 4 – 20 Ah Fully automatic control, no overload possible Reverse polarity protection Fast charging function to reach 85% of the load capacity 4 LED indicators for charge management Suitable for all 12V batteries up to 20Ah (except lithium batteries) 3-level battery management with three different charging programs Detects the charge level of the battery and automatically selects the correct charging program robust plastic housing Scope of delivery: Charger with SAE plug, complete with power cord, cable set with eyelets, cable set with crocodile clips, detailed operating instructions


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