OptiMate TM-222 voltmatic, battery charger



OptiMate ™ 5 voltmatic, the ideal device with automatic selection for the care of 6V – 12V batteries at home. The first charger with multi-stage desulphation rescue for 6V batteries. OptiMate ™ 5 voltmatic has fully automatic, 100% safe and user-friendly features of the 2 million OptiMates that have been manufactured since 1995 and has a strong output current of 2.8A (12V) and 4A (6V) for medium and larger batteries. Have you forgotten your battery during the winter? The OptiMate ™ 5 voltmatic is the first charger that is capable of automatically recovering 6V lead-acid rechargeable batteries (for 12V low-voltage batteries, the user must confirm that it is a 12V battery). The saved 6 or 12V battery is optimally charged, tested and then maintained monthly. The unique OptiMate long-term maintenance method not only keeps the battery at 100% without overcharging it, but also extends the battery life by up to 400%. This ensures less waste and is more environmentally friendly. Features Recommended for AGM / MF, standard, GEL and spiral cell batteries 12V: 8 Ah to 120 Ah Rated capacity 6V: 10 Ah to 192 Ah nominal capacity Programmer Microprocessor (9 phases) AC power supply 100-240V 50-60Hz, 0.90A at 240V Drain back current less than 0.5 mA Output current (main charge) 2.8 A (12V) / 4.0 A (6V) Automatic desulfation 3 phases (for a 12V battery with low voltage the user s confirmation is required) Charging time limitation 72 hours (maintenance period: unlimited) Maintenance / test cycles 30 min / 30 min (changing hourly) Charging maintenance monitoring for 30 minutes, no charge intervals Size 190 x 75 x 56 mm Weight (packing) 0.6 kg (0.9 kg) Housing classification fully encapsulated (IP54), 4 wall mounting brackets Input cable length 2 m Output cable length 2 m Supplied accessories: O1 cable set with ring cable shoes and fuse, weather-resistant O4 Terminal kit for charging outside the vehicle Operating temperature range -20 ° C / +40 ° C Power consumption (no battery connected) 0.0089kWh / day


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