Rolls Wooden Secret Box




With this secret box from Rolls in hand, you can have all of your rolling items kept safe! Made of durable wood, this box features a magnetic closure for its lid that has been branded with the Rolls logo on its front. Under, you will find handy storage for some of your essential rolling items, as well as a small round magnet with the Rolls brand in the corner. Front and center, this box features a vibrant and crisp print from Rolls on plexiglass, making it an ideal surface to roll on and makes it easy to clean up. Even better, with the corner magnet, simply place it on top of the plexiglass tray to remove it and reveal even more storage for your rolling goodies! Truly wonderful and handy, this masterfully crafted and high-quality double bottom storage box is a perfect way to keep your things together. When paired with premium rolling papers and some of Rolls smart filters, your rolling and smoking experience couldnt get any better!


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