Zig Zag Hemp Rolling Tray




Get a quality roll when you use this durable Zig Zag rolling tray! Featuring their new Hemp brand of rolling papers, this tray is made of quality metal with a crisp print of Zig ZagsĀ hemp branding. Zig Zag has been in the rolling paper business for ages and is a staple for rolling papers and rolling paper accessories! With ample space to enjoy while you roll, this tray is a convenientĀ 10.75″ X 6.5″ in size and makes it easy to assure nothing gets lost or goes to waste. We sell only Authentic Zig Zag products and are an authorized retailer. Zig Zag is one of the most counterfeited brands on the market today, so be careful where you buy and make sure that you only get authentic Zig Zag rolling papers!


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