7Pipe 3″ Twisty Mini Glass Pipe Travel Kit




Enjoy a new and revolutionary smoking experience anywhere you want with this handy travel kit! 7Pipe makes premium and high-quality twisting pipes, and this mini 3″ pipe is perfect for on the go smoking. These glass pipes reduce your wasted smoking materials and make it easy and convenient to smoke them, fitting conveniently in your hand and in this case. Simply remove the screw, fill the tube with ground herbs, twist and push the screw into the tube (acting as your packing tool) and then you can light and enjoy! This handy device minimalizes what you need to have with you when you smoke by giving you a packer, smoking apparatus, and storage all in one, making it a perfect smoking staple for anyone. This durable and sleek case will keep your pipe safe, as well as give you additional tubes as backup and accessories to keep your pipe tidy. Truly an exceptional smoke and experience when you travel with this pipe!


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