OptiMate TM-420, battery charger



The intelligent battery charging and maintenance device OptiMate 2 is the cheapest solution for the long-term battery maintenance of batteries with 12 V in vehicles / tools, which are parked indoors or outdoors. OptiMate 2 is weatherproof and extremely user-friendly: simply connect it to the battery and plug it into the nearest socket. The rest is fully automatic. OptiMate 2 automatically charges the battery with a constant current of 0.8 A and then switches to the unique battery-saving OptiMate maintenance mode to keep it at 100% standby. At the same time, the supply of consumers such as on-board computers, display or alarm system with electricity is ensured. OptiMate 2 extends the battery life by up to 400%, with OptiMate 2 maintained batteries last up to 8 years. Connect the OptiMate 2 to the parked vehicle battery. OptiMate 2 ensures that the battery is always 100% charged, but without overcharging it. This works thanks to the unique charging cycle of long-term battery maintenance, in which 30 minutes of charging alternate with 30 minutes of pause. Recommended for STD (with filler caps), sealed AGM (with glass fleece) and sealed lead GEL batteries with 12 V and up to 50 Ah. It is also possible to connect more powerful batteries (but this lengthens the charging time). Weight only 450 g including cable. Can be connected to any power supply with 100 – 240 VAC. OptiMate 2 can be used worldwide. 2 connecting cables: (see illustrations on the right) SAE-71 permanent connections with metal eyelets and weather proof cap and SAE-74 set of battery terminals. Fully automatic operation with all safety devices such as polarity reversal protection and protection against sparks during connection: approved according to safety standards for automatic battery charger according to UL and CSA. Features Modern care for batteries with 12V Intelligent and modern functions Sealed, weatherproof housing 24/7 safe long-term battery maintenance Can be used internationally Charging power (amp): 0.8 Loading levels: 4 Intelligent control Suitable for: scooter and motorbike 3-96Ah


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