OptiMate TM-430, battery charger



OptiMateTM3, the universal tool for 12V battery maintenance at home. Performs diagnostics, resuscitation, charging, testing and maintenance automatically. OptiMate 3 has fully automated, 100% secure, user-friendly features of the 2 million OptiMates produced since 1995, but is now microprocessor-controlled, lighter and more efficient than ever before, and also has an international input (100-240V). It is 33% more powerful than its predecessor. Have you forgotten your battery during the winter? OptiMate 3 revives your deep-discharged battery and charges it optimally. Afterwards it is checked, whether the delivered load is the best possible, then it is checked how well the battery can hold the charge. The status can be read at a glance. This will of course ensure that your battery is fully charged every month. In addition, the battery life is extended by up to 400%. This ensures less waste and is more environmentally friendly. Features Recommended for AGM / MF, standard, GEL and spiral cell batteries 2.5Ah to 50Ah nominal capacity Program control 5 phases, fully automatic Input voltage: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz, global input Drain back current less than 1mA Output current (main charge) 0.8A Automatic desulphation Charging time limit unlimited Maintenance / test cycles 30 min / 30 min (changing hourly) Charging maintenance monitoring for 30 minutes, no charge intervals Size 167 x 65 x 46 mm Weight (packing) 0.4 kg (0.6 kg) Housing classification fully encapsulated (IP54), 4 wall mounting brackets Input cable length 2 m Output cable length 2 m Supplied accessories O-1 weather-resistant permanent supply O-4 crocodile / battery terminals Operating temperature range -20 ° C / +40 ° C AC power supply 100-240V 50-60Hz, 0.23A at 100V – 0.15A at 240V Ratings / Approvals Safety, EMC, energy efficiency, housing protection class IP54


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