Rolls Secret Box 7mm Bundle




With their 7mm sized smart filters, you can enjoy your smoking experience from Rolls with ease when you utilize this bundle of essentials! Offering you 10 of their high-quality and masterfully crafted filter tips, this bundle will assure that you have a cool and refreshing smoke every time. Simply roll with the classic 1 1/4 RAW rolling papers and Rolls filter tips, and then light up with the quality clipper lighter included to understand why people love Rolls filters. By creating a vacuum with your smokes to give you a cooling sensation, these tips are easy to pair with your favorite rolling papers and enjoy! Then, simply stash everything away in the secret box by Rolls, which features an easy to clean plexiglass plate with vibrant print on it and magnetic double-bottom where you can store your papers and filters. This bundle is easy to enjoy no matter where you are and assures that you get only the highest-quality smoking experience! These smart filters are not for tobacco use and are intended to only be used with legal smoking herbs. Clipper lighter color will be selected at random.


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