Santa Cruz Small 2 Piece Shredder




Made of premium medical-grade anodized aluminum, these USA made grinders from Santa Cruz Shredders will give you a high-quality cut every time you use them! These small grinders are 1 5/8″ in size so they are comfortable to travel with, but still pack a powerful grind with all of the quality that every other Santa Cruz Shredder entails! These grinders feature a unique threading pattern and patented tooth design to give you a more enjoyable shred to enhance your smoking experience all the more. Durable and handy, this grinder is their 2-piece format to¬†give you a better grind no matter where you are and make sure your legal smoking herbs are safe with a magnetic lid closure! To assure that you get the most out of your smoking experience every time, these grinders are an essential must-have item to sit back and relax with.


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